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BKB World

BKB World strives to provide top notch services to its clients. Helmed by Mr. Bhattacharjee, an experienced entrepreneur and visionary BKB World offers various products and services to the clients like E-learning content development, graphics or animated video for marketing and byte sized learning, game based modules and technology based customized applications that facilitates learning. With more than 10 years of experience in various industries like health, hospitality, education and training Bikram Kishore Battacharjee has a long history of working with multiple national and international conglomerates and enterprises. We, at BKB World aspires to provide you the most cost effective products and services with prompt after sales support. Come join us to serve you better.
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E-Learning Content Development

Content that expedites E learning is created by utilizing Graphic Designing,2D animation, Gamification, Mobile learning and similar innovations to create the content that adheres to your needs. The easy to use interface and a feature rich content makes learning an interesting and informative experience.

Graphic/animated Videos for marketing & bytes size learning

Graphics and Animation videos can be used as tools to communicate efficiently. These videos can be used for training employees in various levels including sales, soft skills, software applications, hiring, product and policies training. Chunks of information can be communicated to the end users using embedded videos illustrating various ideas.

Game based Modules

Games make use of Artificial Intelligence and promulgates the creativity in the users learning is given a new definition by using game based modules that engages the user in an interactive session with the game and challenges him or her to think out of the box. Moreover, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) in the game modules enables the users to interact with it easily and enhance learning.

Technology based customized applications

Applications are developed and optimized for computers as well as mobile phones to facilitate learning. The coding that works behind the screen to run the application(s) are developed by our team of skilled software engineers who develop tailor made programs that meets the demand of different clients. These applications work with major operating systems including Android, Windows, Linux and IOS.

Chat Bots Modules

Our powerful chatbots work around the clock to answer your queries. Learning is made easy by integrating chatbots. Communicating with the chatbot is as easy as talking to a person.
We're an independent creative agency, that builds successful brands.

Mumbai, India

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